Introducing Ricky Gunter

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Ricky Gunter grew up in a small town with a population of about 4,000 people. He has lived each and every day chasing his dream of performing music. His mother was his biggest influence and taught him how to harmonize by singing all day long during his childhood. His dad, forever a good ole country boy, was also instrumental in steering Ricky into the country music scene. 

"Small town. When I say small town, I literally mean the smallest town in the world, but I have never seen so many people show up and push me everyday as much as my hometown of Marshall, North Carolina."

Ricky started singing professionally back in 2011. With the incredible support and love from his family, he set his sights out to do something big for them.

"Now in 2021, the blessings that I have received to be able to do what I love are far and beyond what I ever imagined. I couldn't be any more blessed than I am to have the followers and fans that support me along this journey. And, ladies and gentlemen, we're just getting started and I love you all!" - Ricky

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Filmed @Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville TN. For online booking see contact form below.  You can also reach us at or by calling 828-458-8418

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